:Application of guidance and directional bases

The pedestrian and pedestrian bases have several applications, including: installation of traffic lights and traffic signs, installation of traffic reversals, installation of traffic cameras, etc., which assist the police in controlling the traffic flow and urban and suburban transport. It has a deterrent effect on driving violations.

Technical characteristics of the base of guidance (directional)

  • Calculate the height of the tower and the number and type of projectors based on the dimensions of the stadium floor using the software Calculator design 

  • Design of towers in two fixed and moving heads in accordance with 519 and standard Asce 48-05
  • Telescopic foundation with the possibility to install stairs in fixed tower types
  • Constructive calculator, lighting and concrete
  • Cover all parts with hot-dip galvanized with an average thickness of 90 microns 
  • The use of flashing lights, lightning rod and steering control circuit and for promoting security protection system