:LED products according to the requirements and requirements of respectable customers

  • Lighting projection lamps from 30 to 400 watts
  • Street lights from 20 to 150 watts
  • Industrial light bulbs of 30 to 120 watts
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The outer part of the LED bulb is the same body. This body can be of different shapes. The best form for these lamps is the aluminum body. This metal body helps the heat produced by the internal components of the lamp to be transferred to the outside environment and the lamp’s life span will increase significantly. However, a variety of plastic frames are also coming to the market. These bodies can be used for very low-power lamps that do not have a specific heat generation

atributies Street Lights and Spotlight

Product highlights

LED80% savings in energy consumption and very little heat production
Long lifetime, with annual light loss of less than 3%, Easy maintenance
Transparency of light and lack of fatigue with 80% color separation index
Eco-friendly without using heavy metals such as mercury and lead
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Technical specifications of the projector

  • All projectors are fitted with aluminum body.
  • All projection America CREE chip brand or similar.
  • The brand of the projector driver is Meanwell Taiwan or similar brand.