:Application flag tower

The display of the flag in public places is one of the important ways of showing important cultural and scientific events, and so on for the general public, and this has been an important concern for practitioners since it provided a place for displaying the flag of the need to pay a fee It is an exaggeration that the method used in this invention is to use a 360-degree revolving turning flag. In this process, the device is taken by the gearbox mounted on the base to the highest point and carried by the rotary assembly embedded at the top The base of the flag can be found in all directions of the wind and will turn from the complex to the flag. Around the base is prevented

Technical Specifications Flag Tower:

  • Flag tower manufactured by Rouein Noor Aria Engineering Company (designer and manufacturer of 90-meter telescopic tower)
  • The sheet used in the body of the tower is 37 ST Mobarakeh Steel and all pins and shafts are made of 45CK.

  • The company’s flagship towers have a height of 15 to 90 meters.

  • The body of the structure has a hot galvanized coating (minimum 100 micron dish) according to ASTM-A123 standard (galvanizing of the product at the light rouin factory)

  • The flag tower structure is equipped with a solar flashing light.

  • The pulleys used for the wire rope are made of aluminum, and the cable reel of the flashing light is considered as an irrational one.

  • The design of the flag tower is in accordance with the structural calculations of the day, and the tower has a structural design calculations booklet and engineering approval system (wind speed is estimated at 120 km/h).

  • The tower’s welding is in accordance with the ASME standard and has WPS and PQR.

  • On the body of the tower and the welded areas, the VT and PT tests are performed.

  • For the system of climbing and landing of the flag, a suitable and standard moto engine and gearbox are used.

  • Move the flag on the body by the remote.

  • For more safety, the power switchboard is installed inside the body and the tower door, and all parts of the electrical switchboard are from the Hyundai brand in Korea.

  • The foundations of concrete grade 350 is intended.

  • To prevent the flag from flipping around the base, the tower is equipped with a 360-degree flagship mechanism (this mechanism is exclusively owned by the company and has a patent certificate in the 72211 registration number.)