After sales services

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After sales service unit 

Rouein Noor Aria Engineering Co., with the help of customers in order to get ready for the optimal operation and operation of the device and more through the training of operators, service providers and repairers, and the rapid and timely delivery of spare parts, the establishment of a service unit After sales with the use of technical and expert staff. After the sales and delivery of the customer, the after sales service unit will provide the technical and repair services to all machines in the field of warranty and after warranty throughout the country in a desirable and satisfactory manner in such a way as to obtain customer satisfaction. Is responsible.

Responsibilities and duties of the after-sales service unit of the company

  •  Delivery of the service to the customer during the warranty period and outside of the warranty period
  •  Provide service and support before sales to resellers
  •  Provision of services, supervision and support of service representatives
  • Customer relationship and customer complaints tracking
  •  Receiving and delivery of items in the after-sales service unit warehouse
  •  Preparation of unit performance report
  •  Preparation and formulation of service unit turnover.
  • Monitor the mechanization of affairs and try to further process the software and adapt them to the principles of valid certificates and efforts to obtain them.